Champion for Beginners

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Table of Contents:
1.Character building: Skills and Statistics
3.Pet: Recommended Fairy for Champion
4.Accessories and Gems
5.Apparel's and Upgrade

1.Character building: Skills and Statistics



Champion needs con. We develop this statistics to base 100. Next, you have two paths of development depending on the wealth of your cash. Most of the champs then develops only str and this is the standard way of champion development.
However, there is build after Illusion Slash which requires development of agi. It consists in achieving one of the IS multipliers, i.e. an aspd threshold of 140 or 210.
The first multiplier is relatively easy to require only 65 agi [with second gen agi pet it is very easy to achieve]. With the quest story ring + 5% aspd you only need 55 agi to get 140 aspd.
With 65 agi 140 aspd is permanent [not passive and active] and we are not limited by berserk.
It's worse when you set your goal to get 210 aspd. Such a procedure requires really a lot of cash, long hours and looking for equipment with agi bonus [one of the best for Hephasteus set, but if the frame can be exchanged for kals with a lot of the most important Claw and a Paw to the very powerful bosses], second gen agi pet and Wind Gem. Wind Gem less lvl 4-5 [+ 20-25 agi], high lvl character that will allow you to strongly conquer the base of the agi [base agi minimum 50 must have] pet lvl 30 and ring with + 5% aspd.
83 agi is the threshold required to get 156 aspd, with the + 5% ring and full berserk you will have 210 aspd [passive 210 aspd]
The option for very rich is two rings with +10 ags then you need less base agi to level 83 agi to achieve 210 asp. An example build for 210 asp is a base of 30 to 43 [depending on the set for the slasher, CA set and Boss set, full CA gives + 13 agi, Boss set gives +9] + 20 for two rings + pet pure agi [second gene or normal] lvl 20.
Of course, you can have a base level agi at level 5 and also be a slasher under 210 only then you must have a lvl 5 [wind to get +25 agi] and full CA Wind.
As you can see, this is really a difficult thing, I recommend begin builders 100 con and the rest in str.

And now the answer to the question "Why the champion attack speed and agility." ... well, this class has very high level swords, which in combination with IS on 10 and the maximum multiplier gives really powerful dmg. Additionally, keep in mind that IS ALWAYS hits.

Last note, Champion hybrid is also not bad, but hybrid with 140 aspd and the rest in str.
To achieve this, you need agi pet-feed con fruit or con pet-feed agi fruit for a double bonus.



Concentration 2
Sword Mastery 3
Taunt 5
Roar 5
Break Armor 4
Tiger Roar 5


Greatsword Mastery 5
Blood Bull 10
Primal Rage 1

And when everything will be as above, you should maximize Greatsword Mastery up to 10 and then you have several ways of development:

A typical tank should power Roar at 10 and Iron Will at 10.
For maze champa the most important are Roar for 10, Taunt for 10 and Howl for 10.
Champ who has any of the multipliers and aspd minimum 140 should do a Berserk for 10 and of course Illusion Slash for 10
My hybrid at Maze had Primal, Roar and IS at 10 [I did not have 140 asp, but I choose to defend myself against enemy Crusader].

2. Equipment

Champion has quite good equipment [the only minus is that he has no sp regen in unseals], already unsealed 35 is a very good equipment [+5% def + 5% hp, con +5, acc + 5 hp Reg +2 and hp + 150 Armor of Revenant and Sword of Grief with sp regen +2, str and acc + 3, def +8, hit rate +5] which is relatively cheap and very efficient.

Another [more expensive] Unsealed 45 Tattoo of Cursed Warior is: def + 8%, hp + 6%, con +6, str + 6 and hp +200 Greatsword of Incantation while: sp rec +3, hit rate +6 , def +10, acc and str +4

Then Unsealed 55 Tattoo of Evanescence: def + 9%, hp + 8%, str + 8, con +8, hp +250, hp rec +4
Roar of Evanescence: str and acc +6, def +15, hit rate + 8, sp rec +4

Another set of Unsealed 65 Tattoo of Enigma: def + 10hp + 10%, str +10 and con +10, hp +300, hp regen +5
Judgment of Enigma: str and acc +8, def +20, hitrate +10, sp rec +5

The last set is Hephasteus Set [70lvl]
Hephasteus Framestone: def + 10%, hp + 10%, str and con +10, hp +300, hp rec +4, sp rec +2
Hephasteus Clawstone: str +3, agi +5, sp +100, hp rec +3, sp rec +1
Hephasteus Pawstone: agi +4, con +5, hp +100, hp rec +3, sp rec +1

There is also Chaos Set [55lvl]:
Chaos Framestone: str, agi, acc, con, spirit +7, hp +600
Chaos Clawstone: str, agi, acc, con, spirit +3, min Equipment max dmg +14, hp +220
Chaos Pawstone: str, agi, acc, con, spirit +3, sp +100, movement speed +54

Equipment with evanescence chests and chest enigma is also very good and at the same time relatively cheap, which allows even a poorer player to get a good fit.
Important for the champ are gloves and boots, eva and enigma chest have shoes and gloves, ... Gloves and shoes on 55 lvl in turn, Chaos Claw and Paw [having a tragic dodge but this is not a problem because champ dodgea does not need, and equally fatal hit rate]
The next gloves and shoes you can get are either those from Hephasteus Set [lvl 70], or those from Black Dragon Set [lvl75], and Hercules [lvl 70] or Olympus [lvl 75] Set.
You can either wear gloves and skeletal chest boots [give +1 page] or you can hunt greaves and gloves 45 with good statistics [these are random]
Strong Gauntlets drops: Werewolf Warrior (level 42)
Strong Greaves drops: Needle of Stramonium (level 42)

3. Pet: Recommended Fairy for Champion

Fairy of the first generation:

- Nothing revealing, any pet (first gen pets differ ONLY in appearance) with statistics con and skills meditation + recovery. Medit is an indispensable skill for the champion because his equipment does not raise sp regen, as for example Crusader.
Only Unsealed 65 Judgment of Enigma provides a decent sp regen [+5] but still it is not enough to maintain an endless sp.

Fairy of the second generation:

- Fairy of Agility feed with fruit that adds agi, that is pure pure second generation Fairy of Agi, but this pet only for the champ who wants to achieve 210 aspd [or 140 without raising too much base agi]

- Fairy of Constitution feed with fruit adding con, meaning second generation pure con fairy, with such a pet tank is a real "mountain" not to be moved [the only threat then they are strong voyager]

- Fairy of Constitution feed with agi fruit or Fairy of Agility feed with con fruit is the best solution for a hybrid champion who wants to have only a multiplier resulting from 140 aspd.

4. Accessories and Gems

Rings and Necklaces

The necklace is of course Light of Terra adding an additional +5 physical resist.
This is an ultra combo for champion.
Rings, if you have money then with + con [preferably those with +10] or rings from npc with a bonus to def [best ones on lvl 60]
During experience, you can wear SP regen neackle [lvl 40-60] because mobs and so do not do you a lot of harm.


The best solution for Champion is Colo Gem. Additional con, additional hp and an additional def, this is the essence of the champion so this gem is a matter of course.
Champ with build under 140-210 aspd needs Wind Gem lvl 3 minimum [recommended lvl 5 minimum]
And the most important Lustrious Gem without them you will not get into most mobs because hit rate champ is fatal.

5.Apparel's and Upgrade

Of course, if you can afford to buy apparel's for armor and strenghtening crystal, I recommend upgrade to 110% providing another bonus to your stats. Of course, these are very expensive operations and the equipment requires a great deal of west in terms of acquiring it or buying it, no less worth mentioning.

Of course, you can raise any set to 110% [before fusion of course] but in my opinion it pays to conquer only very decent equipment like Chaos Set [it needs to be able to wear] Unsealed 55, 65 or Hephasteus Set [which is how each frame set needs to be set up so that it can be worn]

Thanks for the attention and I hope that it will be useful to you.

I have deliberately not told you where to gain experience that it would not be easy for you.
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