Dark Celestial has arrived!


Dec 16, 2021


Wheel Event

For every accumulated purchase of 50 Crystals, you will earn 1 Event Point. This applies to all Crystal purchases made since October 9th, and these will retrospectively earn you Event Points.

Wheel Event

Mega Wheel

For every 5k crystals you purchase you will get x1free Mega Wheel spin.

Mega Wheel

Ranking Event

Join our donation ranking event for a chance to earn incredible rewards!

Donation Event

Patch Notes

Introducing the Halloween Map! Halloween Map
Haunted Mansion minigame has been added at 7:00, 14:30, and 23:00 server time.
For levels 1-55, players will now receive 5x EXP; for levels 56-65, it's 4x EXP; and for levels 66-74, they will now earn 3x EXP.
Resolved a bug where new characters didn't get their starting items.
Fixed crashes related to specific mouse button interactions.
Super Candy Sticks can now be stacked up to x999.
Explore the Dark Celestial map. Dark Celestial guide
Upgrade your weapons up to level 75. Level 75 weapon upgrade
Dualshot skill now boasts a fresh animation.
Leveling rewards adjusted: Players reaching level 40 will now receive 25k gold, down from 50k.
Forging cost has been raised from 100k to 200k per gem level.
Combining fees have jumped from 5k to 10k per gem level.
Ticket pricing in groceries has been updated from 500g to 1k gold.
Blacksmith repair fee adjustments:
Items beyond level 60: now 2x the original cost
Items beyond level 70: now 3x the original cost.

F keys are now functional even with chat open, though number keys remain inactive during chat.
When transferring VIP experience, players will now incur a 5% fee in crystals based on the total VIP Experience being transferred.
Introducing the Church map! Plus, get ready to tie the knot: Marriage Package is in the Item Mall. Marrying unlocks the "loveline" skill.


Ships can now level up to a max of 85.
Updated gold fees for leveling ships post level 55.
If your ship had more than 7500 experience stored, you will receive Mooncakes as compensation when you try to level up your ship.
Mooncake item: No longer boosts ship experience for ships level 55 and above.
Ships' experience storage cap set at 7500.
Find x2.5 Sea Berry and x3 Sea Berry in the Item Mall.
Lover's Clash now requires 500 points for victory.
Bug fixed concerning Invisible Hat and Invisible Hammer items.
Experience from all mirages boosted by 15%.
Thundoria Mirage's new timer: 4:00 server time.
Abyss Mire base movement speed debuff reduced from 20% to 10%.
New MvM timer added: 14:00 server time. Plus, a fresh map to explore in the MvM minigame.
Players can now get Broken Shard of Enigma x1 for x120 MvM Coins at the MvM Exchanger, or find it in the CTF shop for 65 CTF points.
Broken Shard of Enigma has been added with a 5% chance to the Novice Chaos Isle Chest, a 6% chance to the Standard Chaos Isle Chest, and a 7% chance to the Expert Chaos Isle Chest.
Reward revamp: Chaos Swamp and Chaos Desert now offer 5k Reputation Voucher and x1 Invocation Blueprint instead of 5m gold.
Glacia Mystery Box update: 200k and 400k gold rewards removed. Now, find the Golden Pirate Scroll and Seal Blueprint with the same drop chance as the old items.
Engage in friendly guild battles! Activate Guild PK mode from the Guild UI and face off with guildmates in any PK map.


The gem cap has been increased for:

lv6 Normal gems
lv6 Broken gems
lv5 Rock gems
lv5 Jade gems

A 2-second cooldown has been introduced for the following potions:

Elven Fruit, Apple, Bread, Cake, Red Date, Mushroom, Ice Fruit, Elven Fruit Juice, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Ice Cream, Mushroom Soup, Rainbow Fruit, Red Date Tea, Rainbow Fruit Juice, Fruity Mix, VIP Wine, Strange Fruit, Medicated Grass, Fancy Petal, Snowy Grass Bud, SP Holy Water, Snowy Soft Bud, Liquorice Potion, Timari Fruit, Energetic Tea, Special Ointment, Agrypnotic, and Magical Potion.

Gyoza healing properties adjusted: Now restores 10% HP, down from 15%.

VIP Wheel Spin Update: Weightless Potions have been removed, and in their stead, the VIP Belt Gem Chest has been introduced. This chest yields a random gem from the selection of Gem of Life, Gem of Protection, or Gem of Harden.


New feature added to the Black Dragon Material Manager NPC on Spring Island: Players can now alter the class of their Black Dragon part.


New map timers:

Snow war:

Monday: 8:00
Tuesday: 12:00
Wednesday: 16:00
Thursday: 8:00
Friday: 12:00
Saturday: 16:00
Sunday: 8:00

Demonic World:

Monday: 16:00
Tuesday: 8:00
Wednesday: 12:00
Thursday: 16:00
Friday: 8:00
Saturday: 12:00
Sunday: 16:00

Dark Celestial:
Monday: 12:00
Tuesday: 16:00
Wednesday: 8:00
Thursday: 12:00
Friday: 16:00

Items exchanging:


Players can now trade with the Gem Collector Adam NPC for the following items:

Power of Dragoon:
Chaos Fragment x5 + Kal Runestone x10 +150m

Golden Orb:
Golden Pirate Scroll x99 + 5m

Celestial Gem:
Chaos Fragment x3 + Demonic Rock x99 + Letter C + Letter G

King Plant:

Spawns in a random corner of Dream Island at 8:45 and 15:30 server time.


Power of Black Dragon 7%
Chiatan's Aura Fragment 20%
Broken Power of Stone 10%
Universe Purse 30%
Random Rock Gem Chest 15%
Belt Chest 5%

Belt Chest gives a random belt between the following:


Belt system explanation:

Players can use Power Stones to increase belt stats by a maximum of 3 stats for each stat.

Belt Gems:

Players can forge the following gems in their belts (Max gem level is 3)

Gem of Harden (10 Defense)
Gem of Life (200 HP and 200 SP)
Gem of Protection (+1 Constitution)

Changes in bosses:

Snowman Warlord:

Chest of Enigma

Belt Gem Fragment 25%

Snow Black Dragon:
Belt Gem Fragment 50%

Pengcha Prince:

Belt Gem Fragment 10%

Great Dragoon:

Million Dollar Note

Belt Gem Fragment 15%

Black Dragon

Random Belt Gem Box 100% (Gives a random belt gem between Gem of Life and Gem of Protection)

Ramdom Belt Gem Box creation:

Players must bring x15 Belt Gem Fragments to Gem Collector Adam and a pay 50m gold to craft this item.

Dream Island changes:


Added Crab Lord miniboss with the following drops:

Sturgeon Soup 100%
Friedy Oyster Soup 100%
Invocation Blueprint 30%
Refining Gem 50%

The miniboss will now spawn at random locations within Dream Island every 3 hours.

Defeating the boss grants a unique effect to the player.

This effect provides the following bonuses:
+1,000 Max Attack
1.5x Magical Damage Boost
20% EXP Increase
20% Enhanced Drop Rate

Note: This effect only takes place in Dream Island. If a player defeats the current effect holder, they will inherit the effect along with its bonuses. If the effect holder relogs or teleports, the effect will be passed to a random player within the Dream Map. If no players are present in the Dream Island map, the next player to arrive at Dream Island will receive the effect. This effect persists only until the boss respawns. Upon its return, the effect dissipates, prompting players to challenge and defeat the boss once more to regain it.

Dream Island new monsters:

Players will now encounter new monsters around the East and West gates of Dream Island.

Pink Crab:


Seal Blueprint 0.5%
Novice 100 Cooking EXP Card 1%
Illusion Fragment 2%
Crab Carapace 45%

Pirate Emissary:


Golden Pirate Scroll 0.8%
Novice 100 Manufacturing EXP Card 1%
Novice 100 Crafting EXP Card 1%
Illusion Fragment 2%
Pirate Hair 45%

Haunted Mansion minigame rewards:

Second Place Chest:

3x Carrion Ball lv2
1x 50 Fairy Growth Potion
1x Broken Gem Chest Crafting Blueprint
2x Weightless Potion
3x Weightless Potion
3x Golden Pirate Scroll
Refining Gem
1x 1000 Reputation Voucher
2k Reputation Voucher
5k Reputation Voucher
Jade Gem Fragment
100 Mining Experience Card x3
100 Fishing Experience Card x3
100 Woodcutting Experience Card x3
100 Salvaging Experience Card x3
Lantern x2
Rock Gem Fragment

First Place Chest:

The Universe Purse
1x Broken Gem Chest Crafting Blueprint
1x Broken Gem Chest
1x Locke's Power
1000 Reputation Voucher x3
5k Reputation Voucher
1000 Reputation Voucher x6
10k Reputation Voucher
Blessed Potion
Blessed Potion x2
Blessed Potion x3
1x 200 Fairy Growth Potion
1x 100 Fairy Growth Potion
1x 50 Fairy Growth Potion
3x Weightless Potion
1x Invocation Blueprint
6x Carrion Ball lv2
5x Golden Pirate Scroll
6x Golden Pirate Scroll
1x 10 Crystal
Gem Jade Chest
Dark Power Chest
Chiatan's Aura Fragment
100 Mining Experience Card x5
100 Fishing Experience Card x5
100 Woodcutting Experience Card x5
100 Salvaging Experience Card x5