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Nov 1, 2022
Hello My discord is MarreJoh and i got a few suggestions i will post here, since posts to long i could not post all of them in discord (since it is max 2000) :p
Also english is not my first language so might be alot of misspelling, and your free to pm me in discord to correct my english and i will try edit it :)

So part of the Otherworld map is the first step of it:

Secret Door:
Secret Portal allows you to to move to otherworld for x minutes, the otherworld is a dangerous place (will add a suggestion later who is connected with this)
This part requires no quest chain activation to be part of, it will be an automatically trigger once you kill monsters it might open a portal.

Everytime you kill a monster there is a small chance that a secret portal opens up, you have 2 minutes to enter room and its only the killer who allowed to enter.
The Secret Portal can open up in 3 differ qualities:
Bronze - Low chance of materials to drop from normal mob, while boss in this room can drop something useful (Low chance)
Silver - same as bronze but higher chances of materials and drops from boss.
Gold - Highest possible droprate chance and boss will always drop something useful.

The strength of Secret Rooms depends on players level and how much drops you may recieve: an lvl 40 wont get as much drops as a level 60, if the portal is same quality. While if a lvl 60 bronze portal and lvl 40 gold portal opens its ofcourse more dropchance for the gold.

Materials: The materials you find inside those Portals is used to exchange with a NPC in argent city for all kinds of Gems, Costumes, Rocks, Jades, Runes, Titles etc (for different qualities and materials you find in those secret Portals)

The Materials is character Bound, while the stuffs you exchange to are not.

While you have 2 minutes to enter the Secret Portal you also have to write an bot check answer to block it being abused from cheating, successful attempt will teleport you to the Secret Room.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHERWORLD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Otherworld - the world of the unknown wonder

To be able to get to Otherworld you have to start an Chain Quest to get there, its only for the brave souls and cannot be done by anyone,
It requires you to do different quests who give different pieces of an lost relic, once you gathered all pieces of the relic you can compleat
the chain quest to open up the otherworld Teleporter.

The Otherworld is known for its dangerous enviroment and it requires you to prepare yourself for the unknown monsters you might want to run from
if you dont have the brave soul and strength to fight them. It requires alot of training and teamwork to deal with this kind of dangerous place.

The Otherworld have a town called Lostania, Lostania is the main capital for the human race who have journed to the Otherworld for 1000s of years ago,
Since the enviroment is so dangerous in Otherworld the mankind havnt been able to explore the world that deep.​

Mankind have found 4 different friendly races in this world, The Angelic Race, The Elfs, The Djinns, The Stone Tribe, They being working together with human race to make a more safe enviroment to travel to another and support eachoter, but it still only only a small part of the world, if the travelers want to see the rest of this unknown world you have to be prepared, since the races can only protect you if your in their secure part of the otherworld

Djinn Tribe

The Djinn Race loves to compete, so every week they hosting an The Tower of brave event,
where everyone who wish to participate have to be together with 3 other people in team, to participating.
This requires alot of teamwork, it will have each floor a round of monsters or puzzles spawning, you have a limit time to compleat it, if you fail you get warped out and will be recorded as the last won floor with the team.

Floor 1 - 9 (random Puzzle map, monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 10 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 11 - 19 (Random Puzzle map, monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 20 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 21 - 29 (Random Puzzle Map, Monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 30 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 31 - 39 (Random Puzzle Map, Monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 40 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 41 - 49 (Random Puzzle Map, Monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 50 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 51 - 59 (Random Puzzle Map, Monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 60 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 61 - 69 (Random Puzzle Map, Monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 70 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 71 - 79 (Random Puzzle Map, Monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 80 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 81 - 89 (Random Puzzle Map, Monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 90 - Boss (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)
Floor 91 - 99 (Random Puzzle Map, Monster spawn or secret chest)
Floor 100 - You have the right to fight the Djinn King, becareful hes dangerous (everyone get a chest in their bag once killed - random reward)

The Puzzle map requires you to think together how to solve the puzzle in time.
The Monster spawn will spawn different type of waves of monster and elite monsters, different strength.
Secret Chest can spawn in each floor, if your lucky you can find many if your able to reach up to floor 100!

The Boss Floors is different strength on each bossfloor, but dont think its easy just because its floor 10! you have to becareful and not stand in red marked areas or you might regret it!

If your able to defeat the Djinn King you will be rewarded with an special quest from the Djinn King, that quest will reward you will different kind of unique items.

The Tower of the brave have a rank system, once in a month it will reward the team depend on their rank, if its many teams who cleared the the 100th floor it will depend on the fastest
compleat on the 100th floor.
You require to use same team the whole month, if you join another team you will be removed from recieving rewards from the montly ranking.


While each tribe offering alot of different normal quests they also have different of hidden quests who is only activated after you compleated
different things in Otherworld, Slaying an dragon might drop an item who activate an secret quest chains or other unknown factions, thats
why its so populare place to explore you never know when you might find something no one else found!.

Stone Tribe

The Stone Tribe
is a really peaceful race, but they love proving that they are extremly strong, so they having 1 time everyday an
Stone throwing event, if you hit most targets you win, the rank system here depends on most successfull hits within the limit of time, while
you throw you might see the speed sphinix who give a 10 sec duration to the time limit if you successful hit it. Dont forget throwing stones is not an easy task!, they are heavy!

You can only throw 1 time every 2nd second, so you cannot spam the the button, means it rellying on the aiming more then who can press fastest on button.

The price depends on each point floor you get to

1-500 - small box
501-1000 - Medium box
1001 - 2000 - Large Box
2001 - 3000 - Mega Box
3001 - 4000 - Queens Box
4500 - Kings Box

The rewards on each box getting extremly better each point rank you get too, the exciting dream is to reach Kings Box who only hold important things, and also let you have an meeting with the Stone King, he will ask for help and once you compleat his request you will be known within Stone Tribes for your achievement.

Each week the top 10 players give different goodies as server rank.

Angelic Race

Angelic Race is the protector of the Otherworld, they were the first to ever exist in this world but the world grown bigger and stronger for them to lose
the highest status of the world, they still protect the friendly races but they do not go outside their known territory since they know it exist far more dangerous beings out there for them to be able to handle. They stay in their protected zones to strengthen their army and knowledge to be able to protect themself for the unknown far out in the otherworld.

While Angelic Race is known for being the protectors they also pretty childish, they love to play and have fun, something they often doing is "Hide and Seek", Everyone is moving to a special room who is in its own dimension.
Everything start with 1 player is randomly being choosen to be the first "Seeker", the first level requires you to find 2 people within xMinutes, once its done its randomly choose another guy to be the Seeker, This time he have to find 3 players within xMinutes.

Rules: Skills will be unable to be used, neither will any speed potions.

Everything will ends once the last player left is the winner, either Seeker or the Hidden, Since every level requires the Seeker to find more players its get harder and harder for the seeker to success, but on side note the Hidden players also want the Seeker to find players so they arnt the next victim to be the "Seeker".

If the Seeker fails to find the required amount of players within their time, on their choosen level, they will be warped out once the time runs out and it will choose a new seeker.
But do remember if your able to stay hidden or survive to its low players left, it will be easier for the seeker since its less players to required to find!

Every player who was found (the hidden) - is getting warped out since they lost.

The price of the Winner will be - a Angelic box and a meeting with the Angelic Queen for an special chain quest.

The Loser price depends on what number you lost in

Losing when its 500 - 100 players left - Iron Box

Losing when its 99 - 50 players left - Bronze Box

Losing whenits 49 - 11 players left Silver Box

Losing when its 10 - 2 players left Golden Box

Winning - Angelic Box

Elf Tribes

The Elfs is living in harmony with the nature, most of them love to spend their time with all kinds of animals they find, since Elfs can speak with
the animals they rarely comming in conflict with the animals and lives in harmony with those who wish to live in peace.

When elfs getting in the comming age they doing the tribe comming age event, where you have to prove you want to live in harmony with the animals, this often leads to conflicts in the elf tribes, since alot of Elfs do not want to be animal tamers but to focus on the secret arts, so have this tribe splitted between two different tribes.
Young adults who have to to move to the other elf tribe since they did not want to go after their parents shoes.
Its also hidden fact that alot of elfs even dissapeared out in the otherworld and never returned since they did not want to follow their parents steps. The Alliance of all the races even spoke about the fact that some of them even might be part of the danger who is deep in the otherworld, since an Elf with alot of knowledge of secret art can become a huge threat.

But even if Elfs having conflicts in their tribes they live in a pretty good understanding with eachoter on later time, but long ago it wasnt like that.
Animal tamers and secret art trainers love to prove who is "the strongest" or whoever can do most amazing things, atleast around the younger ages where everything is about seeking power and strength.

To lessen the conflicts they opened up an arena for people to fight between another to prove who is the strongest, but it also requires teamwork if you doing team arena pvp.​

Arena Solo Matches - where you sign up to fight solo pvp battle with anyone around the continent, if you win you get arena point and rank up according to the point earned
Arena team Matches - Requires a team of 4 to fight together and prove you work well as a team, here you also get arena points and rank up according to the point earned.

Reward system:
Each rank up your character will recieve an Symbol on rightside of your name (since left side is used for other symbol).
But you can also demote if you lose, you lose ranking points.

Every week the sum up of gained ranked point this week will be giving you a weekly ranked gift, every week reset the gain from this week but will stay in season rank, but your gained points who is seasonaly will be reset every 3rd month so you keep your symbol, but if you lose an arena fight you might demote your symbol grade!.

I Won alot of arena battles and gained 1217 points, but then i lose 3 matches, i end up with 1157 points, i demoted an symbol grade since the last symbol i recieved was at 1200 points.

Its same on the weekly ranked, if i gained this week 1217 points and keep fighting and losing 3 matches and go to 1157 im at the weekly ranked down to 1157 points, but might not end up downgrading symbol grade since it might still be in the required point wall for that symbol.

But if i had 1900 points on arena points from the season ranking (reset every 3rd month), and had 1200 weekly rank i will lose both points in season rank and weekly rank, but might not demote the rank in seasonly rank

Example 2:
I have 1900 season rank points, but 1200 points in weekly rank - once weekly rank reset, you will go to 3100 in season rank points and go to 0 on weekly ranked points. Since at weekly ranked reset it stack together with the season rank points, but do remember if you lose arena battle you lose points in both weekly rank and season rank.

This Pvp Arena do relying on your skill setup and teamwork, since it do not allow you to use any potions of any kind or boosts.

when you doing different kind of quests from the different tribes and races you recieve reputation with them, once you recieved enought the kings or queen of each tribe will give you a chainquest who allow you to gather different relics for them.
Once your compleat with the Chain Quest the King and Queens will gather up and work on summoning a portal to the dark side of Otherworld, where people can explore different dungeons and unexplored maps.

Once the King and Queens have being able successfull opening the portal to the unknown area
of Otherworld, its the adventures own experience who will be put to test, since its an unknown side where no one explored.
An team of builders and cooks will following you on the other side on journey and build a basecamp for people to relax on, a few guards will following too keep the basecamp safe.

What will be added in suggestion in future:
Unknown Dungeons
Reward suggestions
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