Newbie Friendly Guide


Dec 7, 2022
This forum is intended for new players to guide them.

If you are looking for ways to make money and improve in Pirates Online, this guide is for you.

An easy and so far stable method is the seal blueprint. Here, I will tell you the best setup and spots to farm seal blueprints.

You don't need to be very strong to farm seal blueprints, with your character being somewhat strong and constantly buffed, you can easily farm them.

1° Spot

Thundoria Harbor.

This spot can be located at Thundoria Harbor 871,1167.

What mobs will you kill in this area?

Vicious Undead Warrior

Forest Hunter

Guardian Angel

What is the best rotation at this area?

here is a quick video on the rotation of this area

2° Spot

Zephyr Isle

You can go to Zephyr Isle by talking to Island Teleport - One-Eye located at Argent City 2247,2851.

What mobs you will kill in this area?

Frenzied Wolf

Here is a quick video on the rotation of this area.

The average number of sealed blueprints dropped every 15 minutes with a Charmed Berry is 12-13.

So far, each sealed blueprint is costing 430k. A stack is costing 42 million, which is alot of money.

(Keep in mind that the price of sealed blueprints can and will change at some point)

What items you should use when you are farming seal blueprints?

Fairy of Luck

Why Fairy of Luck?
it increases the drop chance percentage based on the pet's level.
(You have to use Fairy Body in order to get the extra drop rate )

How to get Fairy of Luck? = Everything about Fairies

Charmed Berry

it doubles the drops of the items you are farming,

Fortune Loot

You can use either the Charmed Berry or the Fortune Loot, both grant the same buff. The difference is that the Fortune Loot has a chance of giving you a longer Charmed Berry duration.

The Fortune Lot has a chance to grant you the Charmed Berry buff. The duration of the buff is random.

Mystic Clover increases the chance of receiving the buff.


Why never use Fortune Lot with money?

Because you will always lose 1% of your current gold, or even lose all your money at once.

Always trade your money with another character when you want to use the Fortune Lot.

What else can you do to earn extra money at Pirates Online?


Minigames are a fun and effective way to earn money, and for new players, they also provide insight into the PvP aspect of the game.

Each minigame has different mechanics that you will need to learn in order to help your team win.

To participate in any minigame, there are certain requirements you need to meet in order to enter them.

What are these requirements?

Lv 45+
2nd Job Advancement
At least 6 free slots in your inventory

What are the minigames and how i can check when they will open?

You can check when the next minigame will open by clicking this button.

What minigames are available?

Lover's Clash

Capture the Flag

Chaos Glacia

Chaos Isle

Arena MvM

Here is an example video demonstrating how the Chaos Isle minigame works.

When the minigame is about to begin, this message will appear on your game screen.

As you can see in the CTF message, it says 'non-balanced.

What does that mean?

It means that the map will take into account your character's stats.

There are also balanced versions that will utilize the stats predetermined for each class by the map.

All minigames open in the Pirates Room.

All teleport NPCs in the main city have an option to teleport to the pirates room.

GM Quiz

This message appears on your game screen every 12 hours. Simply respond in the game's local chat to receive your reward.

You can only respond to the question when you are in "ascaron" regions

If your answer is correct, you will receive 100x Crystals.

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