Update 08-04-2023


Dec 16, 2021


Wheel Event

You will receive 1 Event Point for every accumulative 50 Crystals malled. If you bought crystals in the last 24 hours you will get Event Points.

Wheel Event

Ranking Event

Donation ranking event for amazing rewards!

Donation Event

Please note that players who have made crystal purchases since April 5th will receive event points for the Wheel Spin. Additionally, for the ranking event, purchases made since April 3rd will be counted towards a player's overall score.

Patch Notes

New season of Battle Pass started!
The Easter map for the year 2023 has been added.

Easter Map

Added Egg Hunting Minigame

Egg Hunting

Battle Pass set #6 has been released and Battle Pass Chest can now be opened.
The defense of champion class characters in Snow War and Chaos Argent has been slightly increased.
Now Elven Body Armor and Elven Attack Potion can be stacked up to x999
The icons for Yellow and Green Jades have been rectified.

Increased the gem cap of the following gems up to level 4:

Yellow Jade
Red Jade
Green Jade
Eye of Black Dragon
Earth Rock
Lumber Rock
Fire Rock
Improved Water Rock
Golden Rock

Minimap changes:

A new minimap arrow was added!


Players can now hover their mouse over any location on the minimap to view the monsters that exist in that particular region. A color coded system will indicate the level of difficulty for each area.

Players can right-click anywhere on the minimap to direct their character to that location, with a red flag appearing to show the destination.


Capture the Flag change:

Flag can be held by the same player by a maximum time of 3 minutes, players in the flag holder team can see a timer displayed on system like channel.

After 3 minutes without scoring or changing the possesion of flag, flag will spawn in the middle of the map once again.

Black Dragon!

Black Dragon boss will spawn twice a week on saturday and sunday.

Removed Snow War from 8:00. Black Dragon will spawn on saturday at 8:00.

Removed Snow War from 12:00. Black Dragon will spawn on Sunday at 11:30.


Black Dragon will have the following drops:

Heart of Black Dragon 16%

Eye of of Black Dragon 25%

Soul of of Black Dragon 8%

Black Dragon Helmet 30%

Dragon Key 100%

You use Dragon Key to redeem a Treasure of Black Dragon inside of the Black Dragon Lair Room. You can get one of the following items randomly:

Power of Black Dragon x1

Power of Black Dragon x2

Power of Black Dragon x3

Power of Black Dragon x5

10M Dollar Note

Chiatan’s Aura

Power Handguard

Rock Gem Chest

Snow War Killing Ranking:


By achieving the highest weekly kills in their respective class, players are eligible to claim the following chests by speaking to the Snow War Administrator:
Note: Chests give one of the rewards listed randomly.

Weekly Snow King Chest: (First place of every class)

100 crystals
200 crystals
Flash Bomb lv 2 x2
Chaos Fragment
Blessed Potion x2

Weekly Snow Queen Chest: (Second place of every class)

50 crystals
100 crystals
Flash Bomb lv 2 x1
Broken Chaos Fragment
Blessed Potion x1

Weekly Snow Joker Chest: (Third place of every class)

50 crystals
10k Reputation Voucher
Weighless Potion x3
Broken Chaos Fragment
Blessed Potion x1


Future Updates

We are currently testing the following updates, which will be implemented in the next patch:

Expert Analyzing system
Land Fishing
Potion stacking system
Rebirth Quest
New Dungeons
Story Quest update
Guild Quest Sytem​