Update 20-04-2023


Dec 16, 2021

Pirates Online - Patch Notes

Removed Easter Map and Egg Hunting minigame.
Ramadan Map has been added, and a teleporter for the map can be found close to the Shaitan Teleporter.


Increased Black Dragon boss HP by 5M and defense by 100.
The drop rate of Soul of Black Dragon and Heart of Black Dragon from the Black Dragon boss has been increased by 3%.
Players are no longer required to enter their security code in order to deposit items into the guild vault.
An issue with the glow of the Leviathan Bow apparel has been resolved.
Players are now able to run Sandy Beach, Ninja Hideout, and Pharaoh's Tomb dungeons up to 5 times per day each.
The Icicle Time Controller NPC has been relocated away from the Nurse NPC, and the Nurse no longer offers the half heal option.
The Black Dragon map has been added to the guild pickup notice.

Potion stacking system:

Players can now stack the timer of used potions on top of each other, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. This means that players can choose the duration of time they want to use a specific potion for. If a player uses a higher tier potion while another potion is active, the new potion will replace the old one with its new timer.

Weightless Potion
Fried Dough
Spring Roll
Sturgeon Fish with Bamboo
Sturgeon Soup
Fried Oyster Soup
Prawn Dumpling
Tigerfish Bone Crips
Ratfish Rice
BBQ Shark Fin
Easter Cookie
Easter Cookie 2
Christmas Eggnog
Santa’s Brew
Great Attack Potion
Valentine Cookie
Valentine Cookie 2
Pumpkin Candy
Witche’s Brew
Ramadan Iftar 1
Ramadan Iftar 2

Guild quests system:


Introduced the new guild quest system, which allows guild members to assist in accumulating Guild Coins by completing the following tasks:

x5 Chaos Argent wins = 1 Guild Coin
x10 Great Dragoon wins = 1 Guild Coin
x16 Snowman Warlord wins = 1 Guild Coin
x8 Snow War wins = 1 Guild Coin
x8 Chaos Desert wins = 1 Guild Coin
x8 Chaos Swamp wins = 1 Guild Coin
x2 Black Dragon = 1 Guild Coin

Whenever a player from your guild defeats the specified bosses, or when a guild member is the last survivor in either Snow War or Chaos Argent, the NPC will log the progress for the quest.

Guild Coins can only be claimed by the leader or co-leader of the guild, and it is important to note that they cannot be traded.


The Guild Quest Manager that is located inside of the Guild House offers exchanges for chests, each of which contains only one item chosen randomly from the list (with an equal chance for each item to drop).


Guild Potion Chest: Can be obtained with x1 Guild Coin and contains:Blessed Potion x10
Prawn Dumpling x5
Tigerfish Bone Crisp x2
Weightless Potion x10

Guild Gem Chest: Can be obtained with x4 Guild Coins and contains:
Rock Gem Chest
Unique Gem Voucher
Red Jade
Yellow Jade
Green Jade Voucher
Chiatan's Aura

Guild Resource Chest: Can be obtained with x6 Guild Coins and contains:
Chaos Fragment x2
Shard of Enigma x2
Power Handguard
Kal Runestone x5
Power Stone Chest
Power of BD x5