Update 25-08-2023


Dec 16, 2021

New season of Battle Pass is live!
Players can now buy from any stall within their current city using the in-game database.
Mystery Candy is stackable to x999.
System logs now show Power of Ice, Power of Dragoon, Power of Darkness, and Chiatan Aura Fragments.
Superglue and Captain Token have been added as quest items.
Now every Chaos Isle alternates between balanced and unbalanced stats.
Removed level difference effects from unbalanced Lover's Clash, Chaos Glacia, and Capture the Flag.
Adjustments have been made to Newbie Boost and balance of Lover's Clash, Chaos Glacia, and Capture the Flag to prevent significant gear disparities.
Gems in the game database now reveal their stats.
Monsters in the game database display experience values.
Search bar issues in the game database have been fixed.
Fixed item description readability in the game database.
VIP face and hairstyle UI has been enhanced for clarity.

Experience bar can now be hidden via the Gui tab in settings.


Guild logs now display the date and time of item vaulting.


Two new MvM minigame times have been added at 7:30 and 15:30 server time.
In MvM minigame, teams with fewer players will now get a boost in their stat points.

Kill/death box now highlights the player you killed the most during the pk map.