Update 26-10-2023.


Dec 16, 2021

Patch Notes

New season of Battle Pass is live!
Improved how the damage disparity is calculated based on a player's level. This adjustment reduces the impact of level differences, but the level gap can now extend up to 15 levels.
Players now have the ability to disassemble level 50 bracelets (of any color) to recover the materials used in their creation. Please note that this feature does not apply to level 40 bracelets.
A new option has been introduced to cleanse Sandy Rocks, Muds, Demonic Rocks, and Celestial Rocks in batches of 99.
The teleporter in Spring Town now includes a direct link to Dream City.
Super Pumpkin Candy and Super Witch's Brew can now replace the effects of other potions and can be stacked in quantities up to 999.
Belts are now tradable.
The Loveline feature is now functional in both Forsaken City and Shadow Dungeon.
Reduced Burned King Plant skill seal duration.

Change in MvM:

In the MvM minigame, the player split now varies based on the number of participants. If there are between 1 to 9 players, the lobby will split into 2 random teams during the first three rounds, and there will be only a final round (with no semifinal) in the fourth round.

For player counts ranging from 10 to 31 participants, there will be 4 teams instead of the previous 8. This setup will include a semifinal round and a final round.

Change in Lover's Clash:

In Lover's Clash, the scoring system has been adjusted:

If there are between 1 and 20 players in the lobby, the rounds will now extend to 300 points.
For lobbies with 21 to 40 players, the round limit has been increased to 400 points.
For lobbies with 41 or more players, rounds will now go up to 500 points.

Guild Coin System Additions:

We've introduced new bosses into the Guild Coin system:

Lord Lucifer now rewards a guild with x1 Guild Coin when the guild successfully defeats this boss 10 times.
The Burned King Plant also offers x1 Guild Coin to a guild that manages to defeat this boss 10 times.