Update 28-05-2023


Dec 16, 2021

The Battle Pass enters a new season.
Character name limit has been extended to 16 characters.
The /ping command has been eliminated from the game.
Fast forward functionality has been integrated into the Guild Logs under the Guild UI.
Killing Spree announcements will now specify the player's location.
An issue with a chest spawning off-map in Chaos Glacia has been addressed.
A new MvM map layout has been introduced.
Charmed Berry and Enchanted Berry can now be stacked up to a duration of 30 minutes.
A new Soul Detector/ True Sight tweak has been included in the game launcher.
Icon colors for unique gems have been revised to align with the unique gem voucher colors.
The Seal Master bolt's power has been reduced within the Chaos Argent and Snow War mazes.
The Cleric class is now more susceptible to melee attack damage within Chaos Argent.
The Windwalk skill has been upgraded to provide a 15% movement speed.
A defense boost of +20 has been added to all lv 50 Seal Master bracelets. (For those with an outdated version, please contact a GM on Discord to receive the updated version)
The probability of obtaining a Demonic Fragment from cleaning Demonic Rocks in the cleaner NPC has been doubled.
The Great Dragoon boss's maximum attack power has been increased.
The maximum level for the Broken gem is now set at 5.
Royal Elven Signet can now be stacked up to a maximum of 999 units.
HP of Baby Chaos Swamp Dragons and Chaos Swamp Chests have been reduced.
Two new options are now available in the Pharaoh's Tomb Dungeon Exchanger: the Chest of Enigma, which can be obtained for 25 Pharaoh's Gems, and the Ice Sealed Chest, available for 50 Pharaoh's Gems.
We've introduced the new Castle of Shadow Dungeon, providing players with opportunities to craft Red Necklaces, farm fresh blueprints, and gather materials for the new Black Dragon Equipment. For more comprehensive information, please refer to our guide: Castle of Shadow guide.

Skeletar Island is now accessible. Players can now farm resources and defeat Barborossa boss, who comes with the following drops:

Holy Dice 10%
Refining Gem 100%
Rock Gem Chest 10%
Broken Gem Chest 25%

Note: Respawn time is every 8 hours.

Grey Chaos Pawstone:

To craft this pawstone, players need to talk with the Chaos Administrator NPC. The process requires the sacrifice of certain items, which are as follows:

Unseal 65 boots of any class + Grey Pawstone Upgrade + 10m

Note: Grey Pawstone Upgrade can be obtained from the new Castle of Shadow Dungeon Exchanger.

Grey Pawestone Upgrade:

Players can now get any Chaos Golden Pawstone by sacrificing a Grey Chaos Pawstone and a Green Chaos Pawstone +5m by talking to the Chaos Adniminstrator NPC.

New mods:

Monster respawn times have been incorporated into the game database.


A fresh score UI has been introduced for each minigame.


Minigames will now show the number of surviving players, along with your personal kill and death stats during the map.


A new mod has been added, which displays your success rate with blueprints, contingent on your current lifeskill level.

Black Dragon Set

Players can now upgrade their Golden Chaos items by talking to the Furnance of Immortality NPC in Spring Town. To upgrade players must gather the following materials:

Black Dragon Material x1, Soul of Black Dragon x1, Holy Dice x4, Power of Dragoon x5, Power of Ice x5, Power of Darkness x5, 5 Kal runestone, 30mil gold

Requirement: Black Dragon Material x1, Heart of Black Dragon x1, Holy Dice x4, Power of Dragoon x5, Power of Ice x5, Power of Darkness x5, 5 Kal runestone, 30mil gold

Black Dragon Material x1, Eye of black dragon x1, Holy Dice x4, Power of Dragoon x5, Power of Ice x5, Power of Darkness x5, 5 Kalrunestone, 30mil gold

Black Dragon material x1, Darkness Crown x1, Holy Dice x4, Power of Dragoon x5, Power of Ice x5, Power of Darkness x5, 5 Kal runestone, 30mil gold

Power farming:

Players have the opportunity to farm Power of Dragoon from the Great Dragoon, which has a 30% drop rate, and Power of Ice from the Snowman Warlord boss at a 15% drop rate. The Power of Darkness can be found as one of the random drops from the Box of Darkness, a reward in the new dungeon, or alternatively, it can be acquired for 60 Castle of Shadow Coins from the Dungeon Exchanger. Holy Dice can be obtained from Barborossa with a 10% drop rate and it's guaranteed to drop from the Black Dragon at a 100% rate. Darkness Crown can be obtained from the Castle of Shadow dungeon exchanger for 150 Castle of Shadow coins.

Black Dragon Equips:

Black Dragon Helmet:

Champion Black Dragon set:

Crusader Black Dragon set:

Sharpshooter Black Dragon set:

Cleric Black Dragon set:

Seal Master Black Dragon set:

Voyager Black Dragon set:

Changes in minigames:

Added Dark Power Chest to Chaos Glacia, Capture the Flag and Chaos Isle.

Dark Power chest has a 50% chance to give Kal Runestone and 50% Power Chest

Power Chest possible drops:

Power of Darkness 33%
Power of Dragoon 33%
Power of Ice 33%



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