Update 30-10-2023.


Dec 16, 2021

You can now trade Instant Level Up Potions for levels 50, 55, and 65.
MvM Coins are now tradable.
Dream Belt Material has been introduced as a guaranteed 100% drop from the Burned King Plant boss.
The drop rate for The Universe Purse from Burned King Plant has been increased to 50%.
Regarding the Cleric rebirth skill, several adjustments have been made. Its base healing percentage has been reduced slightly, the Crusader stun removal effect has been removed, and the chance to recover allied players has been increased from 15% to 20%. Additionally, the skill now provides a minimum heal of 500 HP regardless of the target's current HP.

Changes in MvM Coins Exchanger:

The Universe Purse now costs 180 coins (previously 350).
Chiatan's Aura Fragment is now priced at 150 coins (previously 300).
Broken Shard of Enigma now costs 60 coins (previously 120).
Prince of the Chaos Emblem is now priced at 60 coins (previously 120).
Broken Gem Chest is available for 50 coins (previously 100).
Seal Blueprint x5 can now be obtained for 12 coins (previously 20).

Celestial Fragment is now available for 50 MvM Coins.

Dream Belt creation system:

Players can now craft a Dream Belt Chest at Blacksmith - Thor using the following items:

x5 Dream Belt Material + Empowering Jewel + 100m gold

Note: Empowering Jewel can be found in the Item Mall


Updated Crystal Wheel rewards:


Expert Fruity Mix x40
Chaos Fragment
Letter Chest
Locke's Power Voucher
Power Handguard Chest
Broken Power of Stone

Belt Gem Fragment
Power Belt Material
Celestial Fragment x3
Celestial Fragment x2
Power Stone Chest x2
Jade Gem Voucher x2


Special Quest Scroll from x2 to x4
Tigerfish Bone Crisp from x2 to x5
Tigerfish Bone Crisp from x3 to x6
Prawn Dumpling from x10 to x15

Changes in bosses:

Bosses have been empowered to adapt the latest changes done with the level difference formula.

Black Dragon


Level: 55
HP: 55 million
PR: 80
Skills with a 5% chance of failing: Shadow Slash, Seal of Elder, Shadow Insignia, Enfeeble, Cripple

Lord Lucifer

Level: 95
HP: 35,111,112 million
PR: 70
Defense: 700
Skills with a 10% chance of failing: Shadow Slash, Seal of Elder, Shadow Insignia, Enfeeble, Cripple

Wandering Soul


Level: 95
HP: 6 million
Defense: 650

Snowman Warlord


Level: 95
Defense: 750
PR: 72



Level: 95
HP: 9.5 million
Defense: 400
PR: 55

Deathsoul Commander

Level: 95
HP: 9.5 million
Defense: 400
PR: 55

Great Dragoon


Level: 95
HP: 10 million
Defense: 550
PR: 55

Baby Great Dragoon
Level: 80
Attack: 2,000 - 2,500