[Update] - Chaos Argent


Dec 16, 2021


Patch Notes

A new NPC, Kara, has been added at Shaitan Fountain for players to visit and commemorate.
Now leveling to 40 using Instant lv 40 potion gives players their respective class equips.
Bonus experience rates have been adjusted: levels 1-55 now receive 8x, levels 56-65 receive 6x, levels 66-74 receive 4x, and levels 75-79 receive 3x experience.
Hiding stalls in the PC version will now also hide characters.
Caribbean Tour Tickets are now available at the Argent Shopkeeper for 10,000 gold each.
Kraken Boss HP has been lowered to 1m.
Sailing bugs in the Mobile version have been fixed.
Battle Pass rewards and purchases are now accessible on mobile.
Issues with Crystal and Gold wheels not opening on mobile have been resolved.
The Newbie boost for minigames has been enhanced.
Defense stats on Ami boots have been corrected.
Item locking and unlocking feature is now available in the mobile version.
The defense of the Burned King Plant has been decreased by 100, and its physical resistance by 3.
A new item, Exploding Sand Bags, has been added to the Item Mall; these require double-clicking to kill experience for party members, with all bonus effects (like Exotic fruits, Amplifiers, etc.) necessary for the Exp bonus.
A new Chaos Argent event has been scheduled for 18:00 server time.
Capture the Flag event timing has been changed from 18:00 to 23:00.
In the MvM minigame, players now only need to secure a victory in 1 round to progress to the semifinals, as opposed to the former requirement of winning 2 rounds.
New MvM minigame times are set for 1:30, 10:35, and 15:00 server time.

New Seal Master Skill: Spiritual Protection.
Cooldown 90 seconds
Duration 60 seconds
Skilll max lv is 1
Consumes 3 sp per second
Character must be lv 45 to learn skill
Everytime skill is used it consumes 1x Spiritual Clover.
Skill can only be used on your own character.

Increases PR by 1 and defense by 7%

Note: You get this buff when using a buffing card buff (Only if you are a Seal Master)

MvM exchanger:


Universe Purse to 130 MvM Coins
Chiatan’s Aura Fragment to 100 MvM Coins
Broken Shard of Enigma to 30 MvM Coins
Prince of the Chaos Emble to 25 MvM Coins
Broken Gem Chest to 30 MvM Coins
Seal Blueprint x5 to 10 MvM Coins

Refining Gem Voucher for 8 MvM Coins
Power of Black Dragon for 800 MvM Coins
Jade Gem Voucher for 110 MvM Coins
Rock Gem Chest for 200 MvM Coins
Broken Power of Stone for 110 MvM Coins

Golden Pirate Scroll Changes:


Invocation Blueprint - 2% (increased from 1% to 2%)
Charmed Berry - 1.5% (decreased from 2% to 1.5%)
Magical Potion - 1.5% (increased from 0.8 to 1.5%)
Mining Catylist- 0.5% (increased from 0.2% to 0.5%)
Refining Gem - 2% (increased from 1% to 2%)
Sand Bag lv 1 -1% (increased from 0.6 to 1%)
Woodcutting Catalyst - 0.5% (increase from 0.2% to 0.5%)
The Universe Purse - 2% (increased from 1.5% to 2%)
Refining Gem - 2% (increased from 1% to 2%)

Golden Metal 0.2%
Flash Bomb lv 1 x3 - 1%
Standard Mining EXP Card 1%
Standard Fishing EXP Card 1%
Standard Woodcutting EXP Card 1%
Reputation Cake (Gives between 200 and 2000 Reputation) 1%
Serpentine Metal 0.2%
Radiation lv 1 x3 1%
Rock Gem fragment - 1%
Sand Bag lv 2 0.9%

--Arcane Bunny Costume
--Arcane Bunny Muffs
--Arcane Bunny Shoes
--Arcane Lobster Costume
--Arcane Lobster Muffs
--Arcane Lobster Shoes
--Arcane Otter Costume
--Arcane Otter Muffs
--Arcane Otter Shoes
--Capricious Battle Gauntlets
--Capricious Battle Greaves
--Ceremonial Gauntlets
--Ceremonial Greaves
--Ceremonial platemail
--Nautical Boots
--New Sheepskin Scroll
--Pincer Cap
--Pincer Costume
--Pincer Muffs
--Pincer Shoes
--Nautical Coat
--Nautical Gloves

Changes in Dream City:

Pirate Emissary:

Golden Pirate scroll to 2%
Illusion fragment to 5%

Blessed Fragment 3%

Many new monster locations were added inside of Dream City.

Pink Crab:

Seal Blueprint to 2%
Illusion fragment to 5%

Blessed Fragment 3%

Many new monster locations were added inside of Dream City.