[Update] - Guild Ranking.


Dec 16, 2021

Removed the Halloween Map and introduced a Token Coin exchanger in the Pirates Room, allowing players to conveniently redeem their coins.
The reconnecting feature will now automatically close after some seconds.
Eliminated the blind mode feature from the MvM minigame, granting players the ability to view the names of other participants.
Increased Chiatan's Aura to max level 3.
Super Pumpkin Candy and Super Witche's Brew are now stackable up to x999.
Introduced an item splitting option specifically for Darkness weapons falling within the level range of 71 to 75.
Added Dream Belt Material into the guild system log.
Skills will now automatically reset their cooldown upon player death. This exception does not extend to manufacturing items, Fairy Possession, or Loveline skills.
We have introduced new options, including sitting and Auto-Grab buttons. Players have the flexibility to hide these buttons by accessing the "Gui" tab.


Guild Ranking:


A new Guild Ranking NPC has been introduced in Icicle City at coordinates 1336, 533. This feature will provide a display of guild names, their corresponding mazes, as well as their kill/win statistics.

The ranking system will incorporate a list of the following mazes:

Argent and Dream Ranking:

This category will highlight the guilds that have achieved victories over:

King Plant
Chaos Argent

The guild with the highest combined count of wins and kills per week will receive:

Guild Coin x1
Dream Belt Chest x1
Holy Dice

Legendary Lords Ranking:

This category will highlight guilds that have successfully vanquished the following bosses:

Black Dragon
Great Dragoon
Lord Lucifer

Each boss defeated will contribute a single point to the guild's overall score in the ranking. At the conclusion of each week, the guild that has accrued the most points fromkilling the bosses will be rewarded with:

Guild Coin x1
Celestial Shard of Darkness x2
Power of Black Dragon x5

Ice Ranking

This category will highlight the guilds that have achieved victories over:

Snow War
Wandering Soul
Snowman Warlord

The guild with the highest combined count of wins and kills per week will receive:

Guild Coin x1
Power Stone Chest
Chiatan's Aura

Snow War changes:

The Snow War map now undergoes a rotational balance shift, alternating between Chaos Argent balance and normal balance as follows:

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, the map operates under normal balance conditions without Chaos Argent adjustments.
On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the map adopts Chaos Argent balance for a distinct gaming experience.

Defeating Pengcha Prince miniboss grants a unique effect to the player.


This effect provides the following bonuses:

+1,000 Max Attack
1.5x Magical Damage Boost
20% EXP Increase
20% Enhanced Drop Rate

Note: This effect only takes place in Snow War. If a player defeats the current effect holder, they will inherit the effect along with its bonuses. If the effect holder relogs or teleports, the effect will be passed to a random player within the Snow War Map.

Changes in drops:

Desert Turkey

Broken Shard of Enigma from 5% to 8%
Letter U from 2% to 3%

Weightless Potion
Golden Pirate Scroll

Vegetables 30%
Dough 30%
Ground Meat 30%

Risen Santa

Broken Chaos Fragment from 7% to 14%
Elven Royal Signet fromm 7% to 32%
Letter G from 4% to 6%
Broken Power of Stone from 3% to 4,5%

Kal Runestone

Blessed Fragment 50%
Jade Gem Fragment 20%

Snowy Chaos Chest

Blessed Potion from 6% to 25%
Letter Y from 3% to 6%
Letter D from 4% to 7%
The Universe Purse from 2.5% to 6%
Invocation Blueprint from 3% to 8%

Shard of Enigma 13%

Pengcha Prince:

Belt Gem Fragment from 10% to 20%
Power of Black Dragon from 10% to 30%

Snow Black Dragon

Rock Gem Chest from 10% to 30%

Goddess of Snow

Gem Jade Chest from 10% to 30%
Power Stone Chest from 20% to 30%​